How Instagram Can Change Your Life

How Instagram Can Change Your Life

How To Gain More Followers

How To Gain More Followers

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Top Tips For Instagram

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5 Best Social Media Sites to Use When You’re Bored

Nothing is better than social media when you are bored and searching for something fun to do. And, I do say this from personal experience. I find it hard to log off of my favourite social media sites sometimes. There is always something to do on social media, lots of people to talk to, and more. But, there are dozens of social media sites and some are created better than others. Which of the social media sites should you join? My recommended five best sites are below.

1- Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram is unique from other social media sites. First, it is not available on the PC but instead made for phones via an app. Second, the site uses photos to connect with fans, friends, and others. When you get followers on Instagram, it is a lot of fun and helps you feel like a star. You can even buy followers if you want! A picture speaks a thousand words and it is great to read your friend’s stories through their photographs.

2- Facebook

Facebook offers its users plenty of activities to pick from to engage their time. Groups are popular and a lot of fun. Live videos allow you to interact with other people in real-time. Forget all of that typing when using this feature. GIFs are a lot of fun. Whether you want to send a funny message to someone or leave a unique comment, GIFs make that possible.

3- Twitter

Micro-typing is at its best on Twitter. Sometimes it is best to keep things short and sweet. In no way does this insinuate that you cannot learn a lot in this small paragraph. Just ask President Trump. When using Twitter, you can find out what celebrities are up to, your favourite brands, and keep everyone informed about your well-being and your life.

4- YouTube

Videos rule on YouTube and you will find millions of them at your fingertips here on this site. There is 48 hours’ worth of video footage uploaded to this site every single minute!  A Google-owned website, YouTube allows users to watch videos from hundreds of genres. You can find music videos, full-length movies, documentaries, cooking shows, demonstrations, how-to information, and so much more here. Plus, it is easy to make your own YouTube channel and upload videos of your choosing to share with the world. If you love videos, you’ll love YouTube as much as me.

5- Quora

Quora is an open forum that allows users to ask a question and respond to questions that other members have asked. What’s great is that many of the users are well-educated and offer valuable information on a variety of serious topics, including crime, domestic violence, laws, and more. If you are bored and want to learn during your downtime, it is beneficial to join the Quora fun. Thousands of people have learned from using this site, including myself. It is private, as a bonus to me.

How to Build a Social Media Presence

Do you want to gain popularity via social media platforms? These days, social media status is important, but many people who have what it takes to get the followers and likes simply don’t know how to go about getting them. If you’ve dreamed of clout and all of the fun that comes with it, it is time to learn how to build an awesome social media presence!

First, decide the niche that is best-suited for your talents. Obviously, there must be something to offer the world or they won’t come. A beautiful face will get you far but can do only so much for you, even when you’re in a social media world. Whether you have exceptional advice to offer, want to show off your travels, or are musically inclined, it is time to show the world what you are made of. Once this is determined, you must then find a few Instagram and social media influencers to follow.

Following celebrities or others that you admire, commenting on their posts, liking and sharing photos, etc. can help put your name out there while also providing valuable information that can be used to enhance your social media presence. It is up to you to decide who you will follow and of course, it is acceptable to follow as many people as you’d like to follow.

Blogging is a fun way to get a crowd of followers. It is easy to post links to your blogs on social media. If your audience enjoys what they read and see, they’ll share it with others via social media platforms and so on and so forth. It is possible to gain an incredible audience if you can intrigue them enough to want to read your thoughts.

It is important to create plenty of videos to post on social media. People love seeing you live and in action rather than simply reading the words that you write on a post or in a forum. Vlogging is a great idea that will add to your blog and other tools.  Be sure to take advantage of the ‘live video’ tools now found on many social media platforms. Live video allows you to stream live video and interact with your fans and customers in real-time. Create high-quality, meaningful videos that average no more than 5-6 minutes in length and watch your popularity grow tremendously. People will likely grow bored if the video is longer or if it is not in a high-quality format.

Finally, you can buy likes and you can buy followers for Instagram and other social platforms. Many people who want to build their online presence choose to make this purchase because they’re confident that it works. So far, many people have benefited from buying likes and followers and you can be the next. The cost is reasonable enough for anyone to afford and with endless options, every need is easily accommodated. Purchase in quantities of your choosing and instantly get many new real followers on your team!

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Reasons Instagram is My Favorite Social Media Site

Some people can’t get enough Facebook; for others, it is Snapchat that won their heart over. But for myself, Instagram is the go-to social media platform. This is true for many of the 400 million worldwide Instagram users out there. IG is fun, unique, and provides users with an incredible experience with each log-in.  It is a part of my daily life like it is for so many people. Most users on Instagram are between the ages of 18 -29 and there are tons of businesses using the platform. However, users of all ages are on the site so it is nice to have a broad range of people to interact with.

Aren’t all social media sites the same, you ask? Does it really matter which site you create an account with if you are looking to interact with others? The fact is that there are several social media sites out there, but each has unique features that help it stand out from the rest. That is what I really love about IG. It has stayed true to its values since incorporation and always provides that fun, unique platform that people enjoy. It is a photo-sharing social site that gives you the chance to create amazing images with the help of filters and share your life with the world.

Pictures say what words cannot, especially when you’ve catered to the photograph and used a few filters to enhance the image to full capacity. Photographs tell their own story to other people who view them, in their own way and nothing is more enjoyable than sharing someone’s life or visions through these photographs that others share. When on Instagram, you share pictures and followers comment on them. It is fun to discover so much information with a glimpse at these photographs.  It is easy to share photos at once with family, friends, and others using this social media platform.

I love the fact that it is easy to get followers on Instagram. I operate my own business so it is easy to use this platform to help promote my products to those who might be interested in what I offer without any type of sales pressure or intimidation. I can even buy real Instagram followers for just a few dollars and automatically increase my clout and popularity. I’ve completed this purchase a few times already and will do so again. How cool is that?

Socializing is so easy on IG. I’ve met lots of new people using the site and can say that we’ve formed close-knit bonds. I truly consider some of these people to be close friends of mine. I know that these people have my back when I am online and that they’ll help me in any endeavour that I might need them for. It is amazing to have those types of friends because they’re hard to come by these days. I certainly wouldn’t change this for the world.

4 Social Media Sites Every Business Should Use

When I opened my e-commerce store two years ago, I had no idea of the importance of using social media. The secret was soon revealed after things took off, however. Today, the e-commerce business that I opened has grown into a successful operation with 14 employees. I never imagined this could happen, but must say that without the help of social media, it would never have occurred. There are dozens of social media sites out there. Since you cannot use them all, create accounts with the best. The four sites that I chose to use were:


Instagram began in 2010 and has since grown to a platform of more than 400 million users. I found the site provided me better engagement than the others. It was a lot of fun to use and share photos of items available for sale in my store. I continue to use the site daily for both personal and business use. It’s by far, one of the best sites that a business owner can use. Buy Instagram followers cheap like I did and enhance the experience even more.


Facebook has many business-friendly features that most enjoy using.  It is the most popular social media site that both businesses and people use to interact, learn, share, and otherwise have fun together using. It is easy to get people to follow your page, easy to post, and with features like ‘Live Video’, you can always entertain your customers and clients. It is free to create a page on FB and join the Mark Z. gang, although paid ads are available at a very reasonable price if you’d like more exposure.


If you like to keep things short and simple, it is time to head to Twitter and tweet about it. I opened my Twitter account shortly after the Facebook account. Although it was not as much fun as the other sites, I did gain a massive following pretty quickly. On the downside, some of the accounts were bots. It is fun to spark excitement in 150-characters or less. Give it a try and you will like what you see -it is a guarantee.


Google+ is available to anyone who has a Gmail address or a Google account. It is simple to create one if you do not have it already. Google+ has millions of users worldwide. It is one of the simplest platforms to use and is primarily used by customers looking to connect with businesses and other people of interest in their life.

Social media is here to stay. If you are a business owner that wants to take their operation to new heights, make sure this phenomenon is one that you make yourself a part of. It is quite amazing how well social media sites like the sites listed above can help you succeed, but it is true and I am all of the proof that you need that it can happen to anyone who wants to achieve it.

9 Reasons Your Company Should Use Social Media

Attracting new customers to your business base is certainly an advantage that you will enjoy when a social media account is created, but this is only the beginning of the perks that await you.  If you’ve not already created a social media account, take a look at these nine reasons to make the move and don’t wait another day to get your company out there in the world.

  1. Engage With Current Customers

Customers want to feel like they’re a part of your brand. Engaging with them in conversation on social media is a great way to help them feel connected. The result is customers who are more loyal to your brand.

  1. Build a Loyal Following

As mentioned above, it is possible to build a loyal following of fans and customers when using social media sites to post content and engage with your audience. New customers are great, but it those who maintain brand loyalty that helps you achieve success.

  1. Immediate Communication

Social media notifications allow a more immediate response to posts and comments customers make on your brand page. Fast response time when a customer has a complaint can keep them aboard your team, just as that immediate response can help put more dollars in your pocket by closing the sale.

  1. Personalized Experience

Mentioning a customer by name on social media is a great way to help them feel a personal connection to the brand. This is very important when you want to get lots of followers on social media sites like Instagram.

  1. Build a Social Media Awareness/Presence

Like it or not, social media is here and it is popular with people of all ages. Businesses have been using social media to engage with their customers for many years now and it is something that you should also plan to do. When you have a good social media presence, more people will discover your brand and this means more money in the bank account.

  1. The Numbers Don’t Lie

Social media is big business and the numbers don’t lie. More than 750 million people use social media. Instagram and Facebook are the two largest social media platforms around, each bringing millions of visitors from around the world each day.

  1. It is Easy and Free

It is free and easy to create a social media age for your brand. Although paid ads and other paid promotional tools are available, there is no cost to create the page, start posting, and start engaging with your audience.

  1. Stay Ahead of the Competition

Your competition is using social media. They may even buy followers on Instagram to give their brand the upper hand. Do not let the competition outshine you. Instead, join the competition and show the world what you are made of. And, while you’re at it, go ahead and buy your own followers, too!

  1. Decreased Marketing Costs

Marketing costs can negatively impact a small business. Social media comes to the rescue, providing a break in the costs of marketing. Social media is popular and so many people use it. When you’re a part of the mix, you’ll discover firsthand how profitable it is and how much money you save.

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