5 Best Social Media Sites to Use When You’re Bored

Nothing is better than social media when you are bored and searching for something fun to do. And, I do say this from personal experience. I find it hard to log off of my favourite social media sites sometimes. There is always something to do on social media, lots of people to talk to, and more. But, there are dozens of social media sites and some are created better than others. Which of the social media sites should you join? My recommended five best sites are below.

1- Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram is unique from other social media sites. First, it is not available on the PC but instead made for phones via an app. Second, the site uses photos to connect with fans, friends, and others. When you get followers on Instagram, it is a lot of fun and helps you feel like a star. You can even buy followers if you want! A picture speaks a thousand words and it is great to read your friend’s stories through their photographs.

2- Facebook

Facebook offers its users plenty of activities to pick from to engage their time. Groups are popular and a lot of fun. Live videos allow you to interact with other people in real-time. Forget all of that typing when using this feature. GIFs are a lot of fun. Whether you want to send a funny message to someone or leave a unique comment, GIFs make that possible.

3- Twitter

Micro-typing is at its best on Twitter. Sometimes it is best to keep things short and sweet. In no way does this insinuate that you cannot learn a lot in this small paragraph. Just ask President Trump. When using Twitter, you can find out what celebrities are up to, your favourite brands, and keep everyone informed about your well-being and your life.

4- YouTube

Videos rule on YouTube and you will find millions of them at your fingertips here on this site. There is 48 hours’ worth of video footage uploaded to this site every single minute!  A Google-owned website, YouTube allows users to watch videos from hundreds of genres. You can find music videos, full-length movies, documentaries, cooking shows, demonstrations, how-to information, and so much more here. Plus, it is easy to make your own YouTube channel and upload videos of your choosing to share with the world. If you love videos, you’ll love YouTube as much as me.

5- Quora

Quora is an open forum that allows users to ask a question and respond to questions that other members have asked. What’s great is that many of the users are well-educated and offer valuable information on a variety of serious topics, including crime, domestic violence, laws, and more. If you are bored and want to learn during your downtime, it is beneficial to join the Quora fun. Thousands of people have learned from using this site, including myself. It is private, as a bonus to me.

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