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Reasons Instagram is My Favorite Social Media Site

Some people can’t get enough Facebook; for others, it is Snapchat that won their heart over. But for myself, Instagram is the go-to social media platform. This is true for many of the 400 million worldwide Instagram users out there. IG is fun, unique, and provides users with an incredible experience with each log-in.  It is a part of my daily life like it is for so many people. Most users on Instagram are between the ages of 18 -29 and there are tons of businesses using the platform. However, users of all ages are on the site so it is nice to have a broad range of people to interact with.

Aren’t all social media sites the same, you ask? Does it really matter which site you create an account with if you are looking to interact with others? The fact is that there are several social media sites out there, but each has unique features that help it stand out from the rest. That is what I really love about IG. It has stayed true to its values since incorporation and always provides that fun, unique platform that people enjoy. It is a photo-sharing social site that gives you the chance to create amazing images with the help of filters and share your life with the world.

Pictures say what words cannot, especially when you’ve catered to the photograph and used a few filters to enhance the image to full capacity. Photographs tell their own story to other people who view them, in their own way and nothing is more enjoyable than sharing someone’s life or visions through these photographs that others share. When on Instagram, you share pictures and followers comment on them. It is fun to discover so much information with a glimpse at these photographs.  It is easy to share photos at once with family, friends, and others using this social media platform.

I love the fact that it is easy to get followers on Instagram. I operate my own business so it is easy to use this platform to help promote my products to those who might be interested in what I offer without any type of sales pressure or intimidation. I can even buy real Instagram followers for just a few dollars and automatically increase my clout and popularity. I’ve completed this purchase a few times already and will do so again. How cool is that?

Socializing is so easy on IG. I’ve met lots of new people using the site and can say that we’ve formed close-knit bonds. I truly consider some of these people to be close friends of mine. I know that these people have my back when I am online and that they’ll help me in any endeavour that I might need them for. It is amazing to have those types of friends because they’re hard to come by these days. I certainly wouldn’t change this for the world.

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